Hanover Street

  Hanover Street
Role   Margaret Sellinger
Directed by
  Peter Hyams
Release date(s)
  May 18, 1979
Running time
  109 minutes
Country   United States

In London during World War II, Lieutenant David Halloran (Harrison Ford), an American bomber pilot serving with the Eighth Air Force based in the United Kingdom, and Margaret Sellinger (Lesley-Anne Down) a British nurse, meet on Hanover Street in a chance encounter during The Blitz.
They meet again two weeks later in a secret assignation on Hanover Street. Although she is married, Sellinger and Halloran rapidly fall in love. She tries to resist, but is drawn to the charismatic American. By contrast her husband Paul Sellinger (Christopher Plummer) is, by his own description, suave, pleasant, but fairly dull. A former teacher, he is now a trusted member of British intelligence.
Halloran is subsequently sent on an undercover mission in Nazi-occupied France to deliver a British agent (Lieutenant Wells). At the last moment, Sellinger takes the place of the agent, and himself joins the mission. His reasons are initially unclear, but he slowly reveals that he wants to prove himself.
Flying over France, his aircraft is hit, with the crew being killed, except for the sole survivors, Halloran and Sellinger. In occupied France, the two have to work together, especially after the agent injures his ankle. Sellinger's mission is to arrive at the German headquarters in Lyon and, posing as an SS officer, photograph an important document that lists the German double-agents in British intelligence. Halloran agrees to help Sellinger. Making contact with the local French resistance, they disguise themselves as German SS officers and steal the documents. SS troops raise the alarm but the pair manage to escape after a lengthy car chase, and make it back to the same farm where they had received assistance. However, they are betrayed by a collaborator and are forced to flee again, pursued by hundreds of Nazi troops, but successfully make their escape.
In London, Sellinger's wife finds out that Halloran and Sellinger are together and have come back home, with her husband wounded, but alive. Going to visit him in the hospital on Hanover Street, she meets Lieutenant Halloran for the last time. They embrace and kiss, and he tells her that he loves her "enough to let her go", she goes in to see her husband, while he goes out into Hanover Street, where the love story had begun.