Death Wish V

  Death Wish V:
The Face of Death
Role   Olivia Regent
Directed by
  Allan A. Goldstein
Release date(s)
  January 14, 1994
Running time
  95 minutes
Country   United States

Death Wish V: The Face of Death is a 1994 action thriller film, and the fifth installment in the Death Wish series. It features Charles Bronson, who reprises his role as Paul Kersey in his final theatrical starring role. In the film, Kersey battles mobsters as he tries to protect his girlfriend (played by Lesley-Anne Down) from her ex-husband, mob boss Tommy O'Shea (Michael Parks). dstributed 21st Century Film Corporation, Metro Goldwyn Mayer and distributed mundial Europa Carat.
Death Wish V: The Face of Death was produced by 21st Century Film Corporation, a company established by Menahem Golan after Cannon Films' bankruptcy. It was shot in Toronto and helmed by Canadian director Allan Goldstein. Steve Carver was originally going to direct until the producers planned to cut the budget.